19 thoughts on “Teachers come in all shapes and sizes. Listen to the achingly beautiful wisdom delivered by this little indigo child.

  1. Just beautiful and a very special little man, and video thank you for sharing. However if this video is recent and the child is a toddler he is not a Indigo Child but that of a Rainbow Child. I know this because I wrote about it. There are three New Age Children that have been coming into the world 1) The Indigo Children born during the years 1940- 1970 color Indigo and royal blues, they represent CHANGE. 2) The Crystal Children 1970- 2000 golden yellow and rust tones they represent HEALING. 3) The Rainbow Children born 2000-2030 represent all colors or the rainbow spectrum they represent UNITY. These highly evolved New Age Children are specifically designed each level elevating higher in vibration to help change, heal and unite humanity so that one day we will live in a better world… ❤

  2. I hope we humans can listen and learn. I get that certain animals HAVE to be carnivores. They are biologically configured this way. But we are not, necessarily. If folks do need to animals, my prayer is that they do it with prayer and thanksgiving. That they participate in the slaughter and butchering so that it is honest and not just Styrofoam packaging in a supermarket. Thank you for posting this. It is a topic near and dear to my heart.

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